The need for an early start on a compilation of a Lodge history was foreseen by Worshipful Richard L. Wells. In 1975 he appointed a Historical Committee and commissioned them to record the major events occurring during the first 100 years of our Charter existence. And the Worshipful Masters for 1976 and 1977 concurred with him and directed the committee to continue their research and recording. Further, to print sufficient copies of their work for appropriate distribution.

This printed compilation was derived from past written records, oral contributions by members, past and present, and many hours of effort by the staff of ladies who assisted in the preparation and Bro. Norman Miller, who designed and did the preparation and printing. Without their capable assistance your committee commissioned for the purpose of a history compilation would not have succeeded.

It is recognized that a 100 years of Masonic activity requires individual contributions by many many members and devoted service by each officer. However, human records and memories cannot recall the names of all those who did indeed keep masonry alive in Clifton and Acacia Lodge for a century, therefore to those living and to the memory of those in the celestial lodge above omission in this history are unintentional and we are sure, are compensated for by the individual satisfaction lodged in faithful breasts of those who have given life to Acacia Lodge by living a Masonic Life.