P.O. Box 188 Pennington Gap, VA. 24277

Acacia Lodge No. 16

It is with Pleasure that I greet you, my brethren of Acacia Lodge No. 16, on your 100th Anniversary. I know by your works and aspirations which I share, and I sincerely applaud the breadth and diversity of your interests. Through your good offices the cause of brotherhood will continue to advance.

I am grateful for the generous support from the brethren of Acacia Lodge over the past century. By virtue of your contributions alone, we have been enabled to launch into a new area of service.

It is by such efforts that we build the future, and as Acacia Lodge steps off in the second century along with Grand Lodge into their third, I am sure you will be counted among the leaders of the craft.

It is out of such thoughts that my theme for the year—Today is the Threshold of Tomorrow—evolved. Under it we have labored together to shore up foundations of the spirit on which peace, promise and prosperity must rest.

My brethren build for tomorrow—today! Good luck and God bless you, one and all.

133 Grand Master