06-30-2007 adding old historic pictures to here

Note: Acacia Lodge No. 16 was the first building in the Town of Clifton to have electricity, it was tapped into from power lines on the railroad tracks. Three sets of old power line connections are on the outside of the building, the oldest on the right side closest to the railroad tracks, the other two are on the left side, one in use today. Also, so we could heat the Lodge a train also use to stop on our meeting nights and provide us with all the coal we needed free of charge.

To elaborate on this statement in the 100 year book above "Lodge was moved to its’ present site in June 1920 at a cost of $130" Its original location that was several hundred feet further to the east and was moved by a team of Horses and or Mules by rolling it on logs. And was Originally a Saw Mill

07-17-2007 Grand Lodge was asked who the first Master was and if their records showed where we met prior to 1920's and what Lodge petitioned Grand Lodge to start Acacia, the answer's are....

The facts you requested verifying about Acacia Lodge No. 16 were researched by the library.

The only Lodge on the petition is Manasseh Lodge No. 182.

John Y. Worthington on the petition is considered the first Master. Wording on the petition calls him first Master of the Lodge.

Description of location and address on Lodge returns and in the proceedings is general. No specific building or street are named.

Suggest checking the treasurer's records for rent, tax or real estate receipts, also check the real estate records for the area, newspapers for meeting notices, old Trestleboard's, old town directories, materials the historical society has on the Lodge, and see what Fairfax County Library has in the Virginia Room about the Lodge, etc.

I will continue to check the DDGM reports in the Proceedings to see if a specific place is mentioned. So far no location has been given.

07-18-07 Fairfax County Water replaced the water meter so we will now get billed for sewer based on our actual usage instead of a fixed rate, there is a remote sensor mounted outside so the meter reading can be taken from outside, saving us over $350 per year.

Acacia's motto, "The Greatest Little Lodge in the Commonwealth of Virginia" was created by 2005 Past Master Worshipful, George "Dick" R. May

08-03-07 Masonic road sign was placed on the side of Clifton Rd as you enter the town of Clifton from Centreville. It is 18" in diameter with an auxiliary plate under it that reads "ACACIA LODGE No. 16 1ST THURSDAY" This is the first time ever that I am aware that such a sign has been placed.

11-12-07 From Lynne Garvey-Wark Folks – I think you will enjoy the following – it will be printed in the next “Clifton Clatter’ – but thought you might want an advance & electronic copy for your records. Enjoy! As I have been conducting research on Clifton’s history for the pictorial history book on Clifton that I am writing, I came across this article found in the Virginia Room from the December 2, 1904 weekly Fairfax Herald. You will recognize many of the names in this article, as they are contained not only on the town’s historic plaques, but also in our book, “Brigadoon”. read the 1904 article here

11-12-07 Masonic Calendar, why Masons use the A.L. and A.D. dates.

ANNO LUCIS: (A.L.) Latin meaning "In the Year of Light" the date used by Ancient Craft Masonry. (Add 4000 to the current date.)

Here are some sites that explain it.

09-17-08 The Acacia Lodge building weights 48 tons.

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