1977 Worshipful Master Mynor F. McIntyre

The Grand Master’s message and that of our District Deputy Grand Master are addressed to the subject of Acacia Lodge’s contributions to Masonry at the State and District levels. The message of your Master is pointed toward symbolic lodge considerations.

In the local or symbolic lodge, we are prone to think in terms of our own length of membership and the contributions made by the members with whom we have been associated. Yet, when the question is asked how or why we have been an active Lodge for 100 years, each can be trusted to acknowledge that much must be credited to those Masons who now attend the celestial lodge above; those who now reside in geographical areas far beyond the commuting area; Past Masters and Past District Deputy Grand Masters; and those of other lodges, each of whom has over the years supported, contributed and participated in Acacia Lodge’s history.

The one year that I have been privileged to be the Worshipful Master of Acacia Lodge is in itself insignificant when considered in its relationship to the total time in a century. However, just as each part of a circle is part of the whole, so each year since 1877 has been a vital component in a century of being. The individual contribution of each member of Acacia Lodge who petitioned the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Virginia for a Charter to those whose names are being entered into our membership records for 1977—each must be credited with keeping our lodge alive and active.

Each member who enters the Lodge hail through the door and each candidate who enters through the West Gate from 11 December 1877 to 11 December 2077 shall, through his dedication to Masonry, contribute to Acacia Lodge #16 and upholding the excellent tenets of the institution, assure Acacia Lodge reaching its 200th anniversary.

So Mote It Be

Worshipful Master