June 26th 2006 Popes Creek in the town of Clifton, Va. over-flowed its banks and Acacia Lodge No. 16 was in it's path, as the water level rose to 17 inches outside on the North end, Acacia did all she could to keep the water out but she could not withstand the non-stop force of the flowing raising creek water.

Inside the water level raised to 5.5 inches at the North end and 4.5 inches on the South East corner.

The water has since receded, leaving in its wake a lot of damage and the Lodge now sits over a swimming pool of water, the two-foot crawlspace is full of muddy creek water.

The floors will need to be replaced; mold, mildew, other water damage, cleaning up of mud, etc. all of this will all need to be addressed.

Within a few days after the flooding with the help of Acacia brethren and brethren from lodge's Henry Lodge No 57, Haymarket Lodge No. 313. We have torn out the damaged water soaked paneling on the walls and two different levels of flooring added on top of the original floor over the past many years. The lower level of the Lodge is now gutted or striped down the original surface back when it was a working Mill in the 1800's