12-30-2005 Note to myself: Grand Lodge shows in 1908 James W. Kincheloe was both SW and Chaplin. In 1909 WM was James ?? Kincheloe and James W. Kincheloe as Chaplin

Acacia Lodge is a Historical Landmark, listed with the United States Department of Interior National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places, sine 1985 file # 29-225-58. here

03-16-2006 From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Lynne Garvey Wark, Chair, Clifton History Commission & Commissioner, Fairfax County History Commission. William - I so appreciate your letting us know the status of your historic building. It is listed as #58 (out of 63 - now 62 locations) in the town's inventory of historic places submitted to the Department of Interior in 1985 & is described as "Acacia Lodge, c. 1900. Simple two story structure. Originally a mill, it was moved about 1930 from area where barn is now. Contributes to the visual diversity and historic atmosphere of the town." This being the case please note there are a number of things you can do to preserve it. Selling it is certainly an option, and with that sale should be an understanding that the building should not be razed, but restored. My strong appeal at this time is to do whatever can be done to restore and repair this significant structure in our historic town - we have just suffered the demise of one of our most significant structures, because folks were not as communicative or concerned as you. There is ALWAYS the possibility of a history buff willing to move and re-store, but leaving this property in situ makes most sense since this is a historic town.

08-02-2006 Bro. Doug Detwiler on May 26th 1942 attended a meeting that was held at Acacia that founded the Clifton Volunteer Fire Department 08-24-06 added proof is here

NOTE: "#16" Clifton Fire Department Station No. 16 Acacia Lodge No. 16

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Bro. Bill,

I attended that meeting. That was during WW II and the only males left at home were the very young, the 4-F's & the very old. Therefore the very young did a lot of things that the young men normally did before they went to war. As a result of this condition I was driving a fire truck at the young age of 13.

Bro. Doug

MEMBERSHIP: at the end of 2003 membership stood at 90. 2004 we had 3 new and 9 by affiliation for a total of 101 members. 2005 District #4 had a one-day class held at Henry Lodge No. 57 on August 27th October in which Acacia brought in 16 new members, the first line signer on most of the petitions was James G. Kincheloe Jr. the start of 2006 total members stands at 116

BUILDING: about 1996 the water heater was replaced Central Air-Conditioning was added to the existing furnace, this allowed for the several windows units to be removed. In 1999 the oil-fired furnace was replaced. The dinning hall was remodeled and dedicated on April 1, 1999 to Tomas Elbert Hatcher "in recognition of and gratitude for his many years of service teaching and building new Masons" and was named Hatcher Hall.

On April 4th 2006 the Grandmaster of Virginia Most Worshipful Glover Hunter Jones, III made an un-official visit to Acacia at the request of the Building Committee, this is only the second time in the Lodges history a Grandmaster as been in our Lodge the last time was 31 years years ago on October 18th 1975.

At the May 4th 2006 stated meeting the Building Committee presented a report on the Lodge building detailing how the building is in need of a new foundation and other major repairs and improvements whereas the total costs had been estimated not to be less then $200,000.00. The members present voted and passed a motion to spend up to $3,000.00 to hirer a professional to investigate the exact type and cost of a new foundation.

Also at the May 2006 meeting a proposal was presented to the Lodge members on the behalf of the Clifton Betterment Association to purchase the building and land from us and would include the right for Acacia Lodge No. 16 use of the building in perpetuity, the Clifton Betterment Association would pay for all expenses to repair, improve and maintain the building. The Building Committee has been charged with the duty to investigate this offer and report back to the Lodge.