Inscription on Rt. Wor. George P. Wright’s Headstone


In the year 1877 he was Worshipful Master of three Masonic Lodges at the same time, Acacia 16, Henry 57, and Manasseh 182. In the year 1884 he was made District Deputy Grand Master of District No. 1.

He was ever ready to sacrifice for


Erected by Brethren and Admirers

The inscription appearing on the headstone on Rt. Wor. George P. Wright’s place of interment verifies the Lodge records and his individual devotion to Masonry. Because of his being our first duly elected Worshipful Master it seems in order to include his Masonic history in these records.

Rt. Wor. Wright was born in New York City in 1826 and journeyed to Virginia during the civil war. He was initiated, as the second known candidate, in Henry Lodge No. 57 on 22 March 1869, passed on 5 April and raised on 19 April of the same year. He served 4 terms as Master of Henry Lodge in 1872, 1873, 1874 and 1877. The latter term of office is verified by demits containing his signature which are laid up among the archives of our Lodge (Acacia #16).

Rt. Wor. Wright was appointed Master of Manasseh Lodge #182 on 10 Feb. 1875 when that Lodge located in Manassas, Virginia was working under a dispensation, granted by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Virginia. Following the chartering of Manasseh Lodge on 15 December 1875 George P. Wright was installed as Wor. Master by Rt. Wor. John Y. Worthington District Deputy Grand Master for the 1st Masonic District.

Rt. Wor. Wright was one of the signers on the petition to grant a dispensation for Acacia Lodge. Further, he was a charter member of this lodge and appointed Sr. Warden during the period of dispensation. Following, Acacia being granted on 11 December 1877, George P. Wright was duly elected, unanimously, to the office of Wor. Master and occupied the oriental chair until 1881. In 1884 he became D. D. G. M. for District #1. After serving distinction in this office he served again as Wor. Master of Acacia Lodge from 1886 until 1894.

In Consideration of his service to Acacia Lodge and his inflexible fidelity to his Masonic trust, the lodge bestowed upon him the privilege of being its first honorary member.

It is interesting to note that his final resting place adjoins that of Rt. Wor. A. J. Kidwell who was also devoted to the Fraternity and devoted considerable energy towards the advancement of Masonry through Acacia Lodge activities.