The man with glasses standing in the back row is my father, James W. Maley from Centreville, Va. Ruth E. Maley-Kemp

08-06-12 added names emailed to me by Tom Robinson. Brother Baumbach..... I am a member of Acacia Lodge and was looking at the website. If it would be of interest and helpful I can identify the men in the 1977 anniversary year officer picture. I was honored to be included in the picture.

Front row l to r: John Frederick Sec. PM PDDGM, Mynor McIntyre WM, Carlos Perry Jr. Warden.

Middle row l to r: Stewart Buckley Sr. Deacon, Thomas Robinson Jr. Deacon, Douglas Detwiler Chap.

Back row l to r: James Maley Tres. PM PDDGM, Roy Campbell PM.